Equine Semen Freezing

Our Commitments

1. Optimal conditions for your stallions

From September to July, we welcome your stallions for semen freezing sessions. Taking frozen semen samples is an essential aspect of the management of a sport stallion. It provides the possibility of pursuing careers in competition and breeding at the same time. It allows you to distribute his genetic heritage throughout France, but also abroad, naturally increasing your prospect for sales. If well-managed, freezing a stallion’s semen can become a very profitable investment. Finally, it allows you to conserve your stallion’s genetic heritage for generations to come. Feuillard Stud goes to great lengths to take care of your stallion during the semen freezing process. At our stud farm, he will be worked on the flat by our trainer, trained in the longeing ring, and turned out to the horsewalker or pasture. 
Your stallions are handled by experienced personnel and have at their disposal a spacious, secure box separated from the other horses, a 40x25cm indoor arena, a 60x20m outdoor arena, a covered horsewalker, a 1000m sand track, a longeing ring, and paddocks for relaxation.

2. State-of-the-art technology for the best results

Spermogram : Some studbooks require a spermogram for each new approval. We offer this service all year long. Please arrange to have the service completed 1 to 2 weeks before your horse’s assessment.

Frozen Semen Testing : After a collection, at least two samples are frozen and thawed in order to determine if your stallion’s sperm meets quality standards.
Feuillard Stud is equipped with a high-quality, precise sperm analyzer that allows for more objective measurements than the naked eye can discern.
Semen Freezing : Our freezing process is extremely rigorous and conforms to the sanitary standards of the various countries where the semen will be used. We have the standard equipment for this process and we update our techniques with the latest scientific advances.

3. Rapid storage and distribution of your stallion’s semen

Once your stallion’s semen doses have been inspected, they will be stored and shipped as soon as we have a written order from their owner or manager. They are insured for the cost of their procurement while they are stored at the Feuillard Stud. If you would like to insure them for their genetic value, which we recommend, you can contract out an extension of your insurance. 
Shipping within 24 hours of your order for all of France and Europe. 
For shipping outside of Europe, ask for an estimate.

Services Rates
Spermatogram (On 5 samples of sperm except the purge – Not inclusive pension) 500 € + tax
Frozen Semen Testing - (On 3 samples of sperm except the purge - Not inclusive pension) 1000 € + tax
Semen Freezing (price by dose)
1 to 90 doses 30 € + tax / dose
More than 90 doses 25 € + tax / dose
Quality inspection and semen storage, 12 months
1-240 vials 200 € + tax / year
241-720 vials 300 € + tax / year
721+ 400 € + tax / year
Shipment of frozen doses in France 150 € HT
(Europe et Pays tiers sur devis)
Expédition de doses réfrigérées France 58.33 € + tax
Collection and preparation of chilled doses 80 € + tax
Boarding Rates
Stallion Boarding 16 € + tax / day
Stallion Boarding (horsewalker + pasture) 18 € + tax / day
Stallion Boarding (work under the saddle + longeing) 25 € + tax / day
Majorations de retard

Majorations de retard pour non-déclaration de contrat de saillie dans l’année,
Majorations pour non-paiement de la 2me fraction encaissable au 01/10
(Majoration de retard croissante pour un retard au delà de l’année de saillie)
(+ TVA en vigueur)

500 € HT par année de retard (+ TVA 10%)

+ Majoration SIRE : 60 € si déclaration dans l'année de saillie