Embryo transfers

Our commitments

The embryo transfer procedure at Feuillard Stud is supervised by Valérie Burban, Coordinating Director and veterinarian. The procedures are conducted in accordance with all pertinent regulations. The embryo transfer procedure (or embryo transplantation) is an artificial technique for reproduction consisting of the collection of an embryo from the uterus of one mare, the donor, and its implantation in the uterus of a recipient mare. The embryo then develops in the recipient until it is foaled. 

Transfer embryon

Morula (150-200 cells) - blastocyst (7 days)


Young mares, 3 or even 2 years old, with renown ancestors can produce youngstock without undergoing the physiological constraints of foaling, which can stunt their growth. The gap between generations is thus reduced several years while allowing the mare to compete at the age of 4.

It is no longer necessary to choose between a breeding or competitive career for your mares. A mare can produce embryos without compromising her competitive career.

The embryo transfer technique allows for the possibility of collecting embryos from aged mares or mares who still ovulate, but cannot safely carry or give birth to a foal due to lesions in their uterus, cervix, or vagina.

Elle permet d'augmenter le nombre de produits nés par an d'une jument de très haute valeur génétique.

Feuillard Stud's Responsibilities

Take all the appropriate measures to assure the success of the recipient mare’s gestation (Ref: Contract for embryo transfer – 1a, 2a, and 3). Feuillard Stud will make all the arrangement to assure that your mare will have the best possible conditions at our stud farm. We offer stall and/pasture boarding for your mare with or without her foal.

Equitainer, horse embryo transport, embryo transfer

For our recipient mare herd, we assure:

  • An adequate number of recipient mares.
  • Artificial lighting for the recipient mares by December 15, before the breeding season, in order to advance their cycle and assure that they are ready to receive embryo transfers.
  • Deworming and vaccination of recipient mares as well as a balanced diet providing the best possible conditions for their health.
  • Monitoring of recipient mares according to criteria of gynecology, morphology, and temperament.

Assure that the artificial insemination procedure is up to the highest standards, if conducted at our stud farm (1a).

Synchronize one or more recipient mares according to their in-house veterinary monitoring (1a) or according to information provided by the breeder (1b). Feuillard Stud reserves the right to use recipient mares from other stud farms in the case that no mare’s cycle is synchronized with the donor mare.

Carry out the embryo collection procedure at Feuillard Stud (2a). The embryo collection is completed through a non-surgical process by which the embryo is flushed through the cervix through J6-J8.

After the cleaning and preparation of the embryo(s) collected, our team will implant it within 24 hours in the recipient.

Attend to all administrative tasks associated with this procedure (1a, 2a, and 3). If third parties are involved, they will be asked to provide their covering certificate duly completed for the parties concerned. If these steps are not taken, Feuillard Stud declines all responsibility for administrative difficulties.

Complete the sonogram diagnostics for the gestation 1 week after the receipt of a gestation certificate from a veterinarian verifying that the mare is 45 days into her gestation.

Cash your check for 2 500 € + tax, only after the recipient mare’s gestation has been confirmed 45 days after her ovulation.

Requirements for the owner of a donor mare

The mare’s owner will:

Take all of the necessary steps for the reservation of a covering certificate for the desired stallion.

Declare the donor mare and embryo transfer process to the National Stud Farms with forms below and provide us with a copy of the contract. In the case of non-compliance, the foal’s birth registration will be blocked by the S.I.R.E. and his record book will not be delivered.

Accept the techniques used by our stud farm specified above and accept the associated risks.

Return a completed contract and a signed check for the cost of the surrogate foaling, 2 500 € + tax, to Feuillard Stud for the embryo transplant and all associated services,. Your check will not be cashed until the 45th day of the recipient mare’s confirmed gestation.

Provide us with your mare’s medical file and a negative test result for Metritis from this breeding season. A contract for the 2014 breeding season for insemination, embryo collection, gynecological monitoring and boarding must be signed and returned to Feuillard Stud with the present contract before the arrival of the mare at Feuillard Stud.

In the case that the collection is conducted elsewhere than Feuillard Stud: Keep Valérie Burban informed of the evolution of each heat, insemination, and ovulation (Cf. : Annex 1, to be completed by the veterinarian and faxed to Feuillard Stud) so that she can synchronize multiple recipient mares for the transfer. For the collection, please bring your mare’s medical file and covering certificate, completed by the inseminator, in order to register the transfer with S.I.R.E.

Dans le cas où la collecte a lieu dans un autre centre agréé de transfert d'embryon : tenir informer Valérie BURBAN de l'évolution de chaque chaleur, des inséminations et de l'ovulation (Cf. : Annexe 1 à faire compléter par le vétérinaire et à faxer au Haras du Feuillard) afin qu'elle puisse cycler plusieurs porteuses en vue du transfert. Prévenir du résultat de la collecte et du moment de l'arrivée prévue de ou des embryon(s) au Haras du Feuillard. L'attestation de saillie devra être envoyée au Haras du Feuillard après avoir été complétée (saillie + collecte) de manière à ce que la porteuse puisse être déclarée au S.I.R.E.

In the case of with these obligations, Feuillard Stud declines all responsibility for administrative difficulties.

Pay all fees for the insemination, gynecological monitoring and boarding for the donor mare according the contracts signed with Feuillard Stud (1a).

Pay all technical fees for the collection and embryo transfer: 450 €HT/ season / donor (2a) + Tax.

Pay all boarding fees according to our rates after the 45th day of your mare’s gestation, if she is still at Feuillard Stud.

Have a ultrasound completed for the donor mare 15 days after the last collection to assure that she is not pregnant.

Return the recipient mare to Feuillard Stud after the foal’s weaning by December 1, 2016. She must be returned with her medical file, in good health, with her vaccines up to date (Flu, Tetanus, Rhinopneumonia). If the mare does not meet these conditions, the fees for vaccinations and/or for the a new medical file will be billed to the owner. If this is not done before March 1, 2017, the signatory of this contract will be billed a fee of 1000 € + tax.

Allow Feuillard Stud free use of photographs, competition results, etc., for advertising.

Feuillard Stud suggests that the breeder take blood samples (half-way through the gestation and at the end) in order to monitor the physiological compatibility between the foal and the recipient mare (there is a risk of anemia and hemolytic icterus).


Services Rates
Gynecological 79 €  for 1 oestrus
Insemination by Fresh AI, Chilled AI, or Frozen AI 120 € + tax / mare / season
Season Rater: collection + embryo transfer(s) 450 € + tax / season / mare
After confirmation of 45 days of gestation 2500 € + tax
Embryo handling for shipment 80 € + tax
Round-trip travel for Equitainer 150 € + tax
Mare Boarding, No Foal at Foot 10 € + tax / day
Mare Boarding, Foal at Foot 14 € + tax / day

Boarding contract

Embryo transfer contract