OLIVI Selle Français KWPN Oldenburg Z

1996 - KWPN - DARK BAY - 1m72

Owner's word

Olivi is a wonderful opportunity for breeders!  His progeny of International Grand-Prix level is remarkable, not only physically, but also in terms of willingness and aptitude.  Olivi also has several sons worldwide approved as stallions. Olivi's imprint in the genetics of many current stallions testifies to his high genetic value: Jovian (KWPN), UB40, Apache, Grand Galaxy (KWPN), Global player (Oldenburg), UB40 (KWPN), Janeiro Platinium (KWPN), ... 
For several years, Olivi has been ranked 2nd best KWPN sire behind his own sire, JAZZ, having acceded in 2017 to 18th position in the World Best Dressage Stallions Ranking (source:  World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses - WBFSH).
Along with his modern, very chic look and excellent movement (judged 8 for walk/trot and 9 for canter), he transmits an ample walking pace, a steady trot showing elevation and suppleness and a remarkably balanced powerful canter.  Prior to his entry at Le Feuillard Stud, OLIVI triggered off tremendous success with KWPN and Oldenburg breeders, who were disappointed to see him exported.  He now stands at stud in the United States.
Olivi is also an interesting cross with spirited mares for breeding eventing horses.
He boasts an excellent fertility rate for his frozen semen.  Osteo-articular status: Excellent.
Approved to sire in the French Saddle Horse [Selle-Français], KWPN and Oldenburg Studbooks.
WFFS Free.


JAZZ, KWPN COCKTAIL, Preferent, Grand-Prix International, KWPN PURIOSO, OLD
HALLA UTOPIA, Elite, pref, prest, prok, sport(dr), Inter I, KWPN AKTION, KWPN PION, 1m40 CSO, KWPN


Broere Jazz


OLIVI’s sire, Jazz, competed at Grand Prix level ridden by Kirsten Beckers Jazz was nominated “KWPN Horse of the Year 2006”, won the 2001 GP World Cup in Amsterdam with an average of 74.6% and participated in the 2002 WEG in Jerez de la Frontera ridden by Tineke Bartels.  In 2007, he won the GP Special in Rotterdam with 72.52%.  Among JAZZ’s offspring, a dozen have in turn been approved stallions, notably Parzival (Adelinde Cornelissen), brilliant international winner, top of the 2009 WBFSH ranking list; NARTAN, 21st in the world; OJAY DVB BMC, 57th in the world; JOHNSON, OLIVI, NORWAY, TANGO and many other dressage winners in Holland, including PASTER, 4 & 5 year-old Champion; ROBIN HOOD, Dutch 4 y-o Champion; RAMORA & RITA MORKA, decisive winners in the US; SAMORJKE, VALLEY, NARTANT, ULEIDA, TORRERO, TARINA, etc.  JAZZ is also the proud sire of convincing winners in France, e.g. PLAISIR, IDR 141(06); RICARDO, IDR 120(07); SAVARIN, IDR 138(09); TWISTER, IDR 175(09); TEMPLAR PRIMEUR, IDR 132(06); URBAN LEGEND, IDR 123(09); VALLEY, IDR 126(06), etc.  JAZZ’s own sire, COCKTAIL, was victorious in GP dressage ridden by Anky van Grusven.

 "Utopia" Line

OLIVI’s dam, HALLA UTOPIA, descends from the famous “Utopia line.  She was victorious in CSI Intermediary I and nominated “Elite Preferent Sport”.  Of her 8 offspring, we note:

- LADY UTOPIA (by NIMMERDOR, SF), dam of UP TO DATE UTOPIA and WONDERFULL UTOPIA, broodmares having been nominated “Ster”; and

- VANITY UTOPIA (by KRACK C, KWPN), broodmare nominated “Ster”.


OLIVI’s grandam, CHARISMA UTOPIA, competed at Intermediary level, and produced WUNDERBAR (by NURPRIMUS), a showjumper competing at 1.40m level in Holland.  Nominated “Keur Preferent Sport”, she had 11 offspring, including:

- TIMELESS UTOPIA, broodmare nominated “Ster”.

OLIVI’s great grandam, MONIQUE UTOPIA, nominated “Keur”, has 10 offspring, including:

- UNIQUE, nominated “Ster” and notably dam of RINCON ZEUS, Oldenburg stallion; and

- UNIKA, dam of the great international performer and stallion, ARKO III, 5th in the 2008 WBFSH show-jumping world ranking, having competed at the Athens Olympics, the European Championships at San Patrignano & Donaueschingen, as well as in the World Cup finals, ridden by Nick Skelton.

- WUNDERBAR (by NURPRIMUS), a winner in show-jumping at 1m40 level in Holland.


OLIVI’s great great grandam, HELLEN UTOPIA (BORIS, Sgldt), nominated “Ster Preferent Prestatie”, had 5 offspring, including ORION UTOPIA & WAANDER, two national show-jumping winners.



OLIVI is the 3 y-o KWPN Studbook Vice-Champion Stallion in Hertogenbosh, with a Dutch dressage sire index of 168 (CD 85%).  He was successfully ridden by Bart BAX at International Small Tour level.

2005 & 2006

In 2005, he brilliantly won two international ZZ Grand Prix in Ermelo and finished 3rd during the Winter Cup.

2006, 2007 & 2008

In 2006, Olivi won the Small Tour in Uden.

In 2007 and 2008, Olivi is the Leading Sire of Dutch competing offspring aged between 7 and 9 with an index of 168 (CD 85%).

In 2008, he finished 4th at the French Young Riders Championship, St-Georges level, ridden by Raphael THOMAS

In 2009, he competed nationally and internationally with excellent results, notably winning the A7 tests and finishing 2nd in the St-Georges at the Paris Etrier; winning the A7 and Intermediary 1 tests in Royan; winning the A7 test and the St-Georges at the Ile-de-France Championship in Fontainebleau; winning the A7 test in Le Mans; and finishing 2nd in the A7 test and the St-Georges in Jardy.


In March 2009, Olivi gained approval to breed in the French Saddle Horse [Selle-Français] Studbook.

In 2009, his dressage index attained IDR 143 with his show-jumping index at BSO +31(0.61)


In February 2010, Olivi  was invited to Hertogenbosch by the KWPN Studbook to be presented to Dutch breeders.

In 2010, he participated in various shows in the Netherlands before returning to France to enable fabrication of frozen semen at Le Feuillard Stud and to compete in the St Lo dressage tests ridden by Maxime COLLARD, finishing 2nd in the Prix St-Georges.


In February 2011, Olivi  was awarded the "Keur" predicate by the KWPN Studbook.

The "Keur" predicate is awarded when a stallion’s offspring proves to be excellent compared to that of other stallions with regard to performance and conformation.  In practice, this implies that a stallion must have a performance index superior to 140 with a high reliability percentage.  The ability for the stallion to transmit good conformation is a mandatory factor for being awarded the predicate.  A stallion, nevertheless fulfilling all the performance conditions for receiving the "Keur" predicate, can be stripped thereof if he fails to transmit good conformation to his progeny.  The KWPN stallion selection committee agreed that OLIVI (JAZZ x AKTION) deserved the "Keur" predicate based on his high genetic value and on the qualities that he has transmitted to his offspring aged 7 and over and which have performed at top international level.

2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, Olivi is nominated 2nd best KWPN stallion based on his genetic value with more than 90% reliability and a dressage index of 181.

In 2017, Olivi is 18th best world dressage stallion in the WBFSH Ranking.



Olivi's imprint in the genetics of many of today's stallions testifies to his high genetic value : Jovian (KWPN), Grand Galaxy (KWPN), Global player (Oldenburg), UB40 (KWPN), Janeiro Platinium (KWPN), ...

One of her daughters, Ruling Olivia, made her Grand Prix debut in 2023 with French rider Alexandre Ayache.

Olivi has been ranked 2nd best KWPN sire (2019).

IDS 2019

UCELLI T was the 2006 National Champion of the Pavo Cup in Ermelo, 2nd at the 6 y-o World Championships in Verden, winner of the Prix St-Georges in Gelderland ridden by Hans-Peter Minderhoud, and competed in the intermediary Kür, the St-Georges and the Assen Small Tour in 2009.

UB 40, exported, finishes 3rd at the 2004 KWPN Stallion Championship, and wins the 2006 DG Cup Bar with a score of 81.5%.

TRIVIANT 2 won the GP at the Saumur CDIO, where he also came 2nd in the GP Special; he finished 2nd in the Stockholm GP, 4th in the GP at the Aachen CDI****, at the Lingen CDI****, and at the Dortmund CDI****; and was 44th worldwide in 2009 in the WBFSH ranking.

UNANDA is 3 y-o Champion in Ermelo and Vice-Champion in 2004 

ULISSA ranked 2nd in the Pavo Cup at the age of 5 in Gorredijk and 6th in the Assen St-Georges in 2009.

NIEUWMOED’S TRAVOLTA won the Pavo Cup in 2004 in Gorredijk.

UNIVERSEEL was approved as KWPN stallion with excellent marks at the performance tests.

VIRGINIA, in the IBOP (utility under saddle) test in 2006, totalled a score of 82.5.

VILUVIENNE finished 4th at the 3 y-o central competition in Veghel.

UDORA was the awarded the following marks in the performance tests: Walk 8, Trot 9, Canter 8.5, Aptitude for dressage 8.5 

ULRIKE was the awarded the following marks in the KWPN performance tests: Walk 8, Trot 8.5, Canter 8.5, Aptitude for dressage 8

OLIVI’s first offspring made their debut in 2006 at National level at the age of 6, some even competing up to Grand-Prix level, namely: UCELLI T, TRIVIANT 2, TAMORA, TRAVOLTA’S NIEUWMOER, UNETTE and USER.

At the auction, his progeny arouses much interest; 3 of them combined amounted to €690,000:

UB 40, at the KWPN Selection Sale in 2004, fetched €145,000;

TRIVIANT 2, at the PSI Prestigious Sale in 2005, was bought for €420,000 by Anne Katrien Linsenhoff, international dressage rider.  TRIVIANT 2 was ranked among the 600 best GP horses worldwide by the WBFSH in 2008.

UNANDA, at the Performance Plus Sale in 2006, was sold for €125,000.

Olivi is also worthwhile using as grandsire on the dam line, such as proven by the results at the Verden 5 y-o World Championship final in 2010 when ASTRIX, KWPN (sired by OBELISK x OLIVI), became the 5 y-o World Champion ridden by Emmelie Scholtens, representing Holland.  They were awarded top marks with 9.18, and confirmed that achievement by winning the 6 y-o World Championship in 2011. 

In 2013, at the France Dressage Championships, OLIVI is the sire of several competitors: ISTORIA, 6th in the colt foal class; ODYSSEE DE ROHAN, 3rd in the 2 y-o fillies; BALERINE DU LATTAY, 8th in the 2 y-o fillies; ALIVI DU LATTAY, 5th in the 3 y-o fillies.

In 2015,

Olivi is the sire of the 4 y-o Eventing Classic Tour Champion (in Pompadour):


In 2013,

Olivi is approved to sire in the French Saddle Horse [Selle Français - SF] and KWPN Studbooks.

In 2013, OLIVI is the Leading Sire in the KWPN Studbook with an index of 178 and a reliability rate of 89% (“IDS MAGAZINE of 25 January 2014”).

In 2014,

Olivi is the 2nd best Dutch sire in the KWPN Studbook, just behind his own sire, JAZZ, with an index of 175 and a reliability rate of 90% (“IDS MAGAZINE of 23 January 2015”). 

In 2017,

Olivi is again the 2nd best Dutch sire in the KWPN Studbook for the third year in succession, just behind his own sire, JAZZ, with an index of 181 and a reliability rate of 90% (“IDS MAGAZINE of 13 January 2017”).

Covering conditions

Breeding Rates 2024:

Frozen Semen (3 doses of 4 straws of frozen semen):

€1100 incl. VAT at reservation payable on reservation with “live foal” guarantee, on the assumption of your mare being pregnant.

Live Foal Guarantee : If the mare remains empty either fail or if the foal dies within 48 hours after the birth : Veterinary Certificate and notification of bith must be sent back to us by letter with acknowledgement of receipt, further to which the total amount of the projection taken (will be paid off to you in the form of valid credit notefor one of your mares on a stallion of our catalog 2025 belonging to the same owner.


Frozen semen (1 dose of 8 straws of frozen semen):

€850 incl. VAT at reservation payable  (No "Guaranteed Alive Foal”  and No Report)



Frozen semen (1 dose of 8 straws of frozen semen):

€1100 incl. VAT at reservation payable  (No "Guaranteed Alive Foal”  and No Report) 



Reservation fee :

Semen shall only be dispatched upon receipt of the breeding contract duly completed, accompanied by the covering fee and the relevant transportation costs.

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