Eugénie Burban

Eugénie Burban, Dressage rider

Sports Objective : The U25 level with Eugénie Burban !

«After 5 years in the French Youth Team, 3 European Championships in 2015, 2016 and 2018 and 2 Bronze Medals per Dressage Team, I want to put all the assets on my side to try to win my place in the French Team for the U25 events (Pro 1 GP / A3 & Pro Elite GP Jeunes). A new sporting and human adventure that I want to live with all those who follow me on a daily basis, on the competition fields and on social networks. Thanks to your support, let's share a unique human and sporting adventure!

My horse stake is currently made up of Little Rock and the stallions Cassitano (Casado x Briscar x Carthago) and Galaxie (Jazz x Future x Ferro), born in 2011 but such an objective requires requirements including the training of several High-Level horses.

By joining me in this project in the form of a partnership or sponsorship on the purchase or rental of a horse, we will share sporting values ​​and common objectives; you will follow his work, his progress and his sports performances on national and international competitions which will also be yours.

We will vibrate together in this original and exciting adventure!

If my profile has convinced you and if you want to live this adventure by becoming one of MY PARTNERS, do not hesitate and contact me! "


Eugénie Burban, 18 years old, is the youngest of the Burban family and the competition rider of Haras du Feuillard and his stallions. She was immersed in the world of dressage and competition from a very young age. Over time, she developed her passion for horses with her parents, Valérie Burban (Inseminator and Center Manager) and Benoit Burban,  Instructors  - Breeders and Stallioners.

These years spent observing them have allowed him to naturally integrate a state of mind "that you can do nothing with nothing" and that it is by the force of work that you can achieve your goals.

Passionate rider and High-Level Athlete in the Dressage Hopes category since 2015 to 2019, Eugénie Burban started pony riding at 3 years old and competing at 10 years old on her first "house" stallion Deutsches Reitpony, Harlem du Feuilllard (Champion de Luxe x Singasinga). Eugenie has acquired, over the years, under the leadership of her parents, Valérie and Benoit, State Certified Instructors, a solid experience of dressage with stallions from Haras du Feuillard. Her technique has also evolved thanks to the advice of big names in dressage: Patrick Le Rolland, Ralph Rash and today, Adelinde Cornelissen (Nederland), whom she regularly visits with her horses since 2018.

In the year of his 12 years in 2014; She won several Children races and won over three consecutive years, 3 titles of French Champions 2014, 2015 and 2016.

- 3 European Championships,

- 7 French Team Selections (CDIO & European Championships)

- Rankings and Victories in CDI and CDIO

In 2015, Eugénie Burban continued competition at the International level on the Children circuit and qualified for the European Children Championship in Vidauban (Fr) under the saddle of the stallion SANDREO (Sandro Hit x Flemmingh) where she obtained in Team of France, his first Bronze Medal. After their great performances in Children, Eugenie and Sandréo rank 4th in the FEI World Ranking in Children.

In 2016, she still represents France in the Children national team but this time with the 7-year-old Complete World Champion Stallion, MIGHTY MAGIC (Mytens xx x Heraldik xx) with which she obtains a new Bronze Medal per Team on the European Championship in Oliva (Esp.). In the same year, they ranked 4th in the FEI World Ranking.

After a season with the Juniors with the ANTANGO stallion (Ampère x Jazz), then sold in Denmark, Eugenie, then aged 14, began in 2017, the Young Riders events (18-21 years old - St Georges level) with the 'CASSITANO stallion (Casado x Briscar).

And it was in 2018 and for the 3rd time, that she was selected with Little Rock to represent France as a Team at the Young Riders European Championship in Fontainebleau (Fr). At the top of the 2019 FFE National Ranking of riders of the Elite level and thanks to numerous international rankings in 2018 and 2019, Eugénie Burban points to 20th place in the FEI World Ranking of the best Young Riders riders.

Today, in parallel with her studies in Terminal, L (Literary), she is preparing her 3 horses for the U25 Level.


12/02/2022 - CDI 3* Le Mans - Test Intermédiaire II - 67 % avec Galaxie
12/02/2022 - CDI 3* Le Mans - Test Individuel Young Riders - Classée 4me avec Little Rock
11/02/2022 - CDI 3* Le Mans - Test Equipe Young Riders - Classée 4me avec Little Rock


25/04/2021 - National Le Mans - Test Grand-Prix U25 - Classée 2me
24/04/2021 - National le Mans - Test Grand-Prix U25 - Classée 2me
12/02/2021 - CDI 3* LE MANS (FR) - Test Intermédiaire II :  1er International en U25 : Classée 5ème 

Awards :

- 4 Titles of French Champion

- 4 Titles of Vice-Champion of France

- 2 Team Bronze Medals at the European Championships

- 4th in the FEI World Ranking (Children with Sandréo and Mighty Magic)

- 20th in the FEI World Ranking 2019 (Young Riders with Little Rock)

- 2 Nations Cup podiums (Young Riders with Cassitano and Little Rock)

- 3rd in Team on the Nations Cup - FEI - CDIO Young Riders of Saumur 2019

- 25th in the FEI Young Riders World Ranking 2019

- 4 titles of Champion of France in 2014, 2015 and 2016

- 4 titles of  Reserve-Champion of France in 2015, 2016 and 2018

- 3 titles of Champion of Normandy in 2016, 2017 (A6 / A7 young) and 2018 (A6 / A7 Young Riders)

- 2 titles of  Reserve-Champion of Normandy in 2016 and 2017 (Juniors)

- Bronze Medal by Team in European Championship in 2015,

- 4th in the FEI World Ranking in 2015 and end of 2016

- Bronze Medal in team at the European Championship 2016 in Oliva (Esp)

- 3rd in Team on the Nations Cup - FEI - CDIO Juniors de Saumur 2017