Showcase of our Broodmares for sale

The Haras du Feuillard's (Feuillard Stud's) success in breeding comes from owners Valérie and Benoit Burban's rigorous selection of broodmares. These broodmares give birth to 15 to 20 foals each year.
They are chosen based on selective criteria including their body, movement, energy, bloodline, and their or their relatives' abilities in equestrian sports.
Selecting and breeding top broodmares in dressage and show jumping is the secret of success in horse breeding.
They must also be judiciously crossbred with the proper stallion to ensure the best chances of foaling a future champion. Each year, we have to reduce our broodmare herd as we inseminate our best mares through the embryo transfer technique.
By buying one of these broodmares, you will benefit from their excellent genetics to start or develop your stud farm. We also offer the possibilities to reserve a foal out of one of these broodmares or to purchase an embryo transfer with the sire of your choice.

We guarantee:
- A classic training "à la carte" based on respect for the physical and mental integrity of our horses
- Prices corresponding to the potential of each horse
- A fair description of our horses for sale in terms of their physical, mental, and athletic qualities.
- No online transaction, we invite you to come and appreciate our horses directly at the Haras du Feuillard! We do not practice E-commerce, we are breeders and want to share with you our passion for horses.