2023 - KWPN - DARK BAY - Stallion
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The maternal lines are remarkable and contribute to the generation of international sport horses, as the generations of foals produced are of a rare quality. Who can dream of a better start?


2 uterine sisters: Ciska van Weltevreden and Evita,

French Champions for 7-year-olds. 

Tekila Van Weltevreden is his dam and also the dam of the best broodmare to be indexed in 2021: Ciska van Weltevreden.


Born on 28/07/2023, Tequilano du Feuillard already has two uterine sisters who are French Dressage Champions for 7-year-olds. This exceptional singularity shows the uniqueness of the dam's genetics, Tequila van Weltevreden, as well as all the hope that can be placed in her foals...


Tequilano du Feuillard has chic, excellent balance, energy, suppleness and a good mind.


CHARMANTE Keur, Prestatie, KWPN
ZON TERRA Elite, Preferent, Prestatie, Prok, KWPN FUTURE, KWPN
GICARA II Keur Presferent, Prestatie, KWPN


 Galaxie KWPN


Galaxie is a great opportunity for breeding dressage horses! He has dream genetics with 5 sires who have competed at Grand-Prix International level: JAZZ x FUTURE x FERRO x RUBINSTEIN x DONNERHALL. The maternal line is just as prestigious, with all the dams having been awarded the label. It is distributed fresh, chilled and frozen in European countries and frozen on other continents. Galaxie, born in 2011 and 1m70, has already sired several hundred KWPN and Oldenburg foals. Galaxie is approved to sire Selle-Français. One of the best KWPN stallion candidates of his generation, Galaxie now has "Approved Stallion" sons and winners of competitions and breeding championships in the Netherlands, where he has been widely used by breeders. In 2019, Galaxie's daughter Lolana was crowned KWPN National Champion of 3-year-old mares. Galaxie passes on sensational gaits, size and excellent orientation to her foals. Galaxie's foals are noted for their suppleness, trot cadence, balance and excellent canter.



- Best Dressage Index of 180 in the KWPN for stallions born in 2011


IDS 2019

IDS 2019


- The 2019 National Champion for 3-year-old KWPN mares is Lolana by Galaxie 
- 14 Mares by Galaxie entered in the 3-year-old KWPN regional competitions in 2019,
- 2 daughters by Galaxie, Dutch Regional Champions in 2019 :

Lolana par Galaxie, Championne du National KWPN 2019 des juments de 3 ans Lolana v. Galaxie x Dolana (Vivaldi), 
Champion of 3-year-old mares in Rotterdam 2019 &. 
2019 KWPN National Champion 3-year-old mare


Larissa v. Galaxie x Gribaldi
Champion 3-year-old mare at Drenthe 2019

Lolana, a Galaxie x Dolana daughter, was crowned Champion of the Zuid-Holland Regional and the KWPN National for 3-year-old mares in Ermelo after winning the 3-year-old competition in Rotterdam.




Galaxie's sire, Jazz, who passed away at the start of 2020, had an incredible influence on the breeding of dressage horses. Galaxie's dam is Zon Terra, an Elite mare by Future (Florestan I x Apart). The granddam, Terra, is a Ferro daughter. Her brothers, Aliano W and Volano W, are respectively Z1 and Petit Tour. His great-granddam, Orchidee T, is a dam labelled KEUR by Donnerhall. The mare of many performances, Kacharel T, is a daughter of Rubinstein I, Rikkilane is a daughter of Almeo and Rikkilein, a daughter of the English thoroughbred Mamori xx, also approved by KWPN.


Galaxie's full brother Dark Jazz made a successful Grand Prix International debut in 2018 with Spanish rider Jose Raga Perales.


Maternal origins

Her dam, Tequila Van Weltevreden, is based at the Haras du Feuillard. She has been awarded the Prestatie label by the KWPN for the quality of her production.

She has produced the 2 CHAMPIONS OF FRANCE OF THE 7 YEARS OF AGE 2014 AND 2016, just that!

She has 8 offspring, some of whom compete at Petit Tour level (St Georges / Inter 1) and at Grand-Prix level:

- Anky van Weltevreden, born in 2005 by Painted Black, KWPN mare at StG/Inter1 level

- Ciska van Weltevreden, French Champion 7-year-old, born in 2007 by Painted Black, KWPN mare at Grand-Prix level

 Ciska van weltevreden
                                       Ciska Van Weltevreden & Barbara Clément-Klinger

Evita, French Champion 7-year-old in 2016, born in 2009 by Lord Leatherdale, KWPN mare at Inter I level

EvitaEvita & Evelyne Fleck

- Hugo Boss, KWPN male, born in 2012 by Florencio I,  

- Indy, KWPN mare born in 2013 by Johnson, 

- L' Authentique II, KWPN mare born in 2016 by Charmeur,

- Out Of Galaxie du Feuillard, KWPN mare born in 2019 by Galaxie

- Spirit du Feuillard, KWPN male, born in 2022 by Galaxie,

- Tequilano du Feuillard, KWPN male, born in 2023 by Galaxie.


Krack C, étalon KWPN

Tequila Van Weltevreden is by the stallion Krack C, who won the Pavo-Cup dressage competition in 1996 and 1997. In his performance test at Ermelo, he received high marks for his ease under saddle. Under the saddle of Anky van Grunsven, Krack C won Grand Prix events and took part in the World Championships in Jerez in 2002.