Showcase of our Sport Horses and Sport Ponies, Yearling and 2 years:

Welcome to the Haras du Feuillard where we share our enthusiasm for horse breeding with you, starting with each horse’s conception through a rigorous selection of broodmares and judicious crossbreeding with our studs. The best horses are born from very good mares, which is why we attach great importance to selection on the female line. We believe that the dams are as important as the sires. To be a brood mare at the Haras du Feuillard, she must also be a very good mother during the foal's uterine life, but also in the learning process until weaning.

With this care and attention, our youngstock have the potential to become champions, and they could become your champions.

We breed and raise sport horses, especially dressage horses and show jumpers, but also eventing horses, including Philistin (PS) who gave a thrilling performance at the spectacular CCI**** (International Eventing Competition) at Badmington, and Bazooka (PS) who competed successfully at the Mondial du Lion d'Angers World Championships.

Valérie and Benoit Burban offer foals, horses, ponies, and stallions who are approved in the national registries (Selle-Français, Anglo-Arabe, PFS, Z,...), and European registries (KWPN, Hanovriens, Westfaliens, BWP, Oldenburg, AES, Zangersheide...). Our horses have the potential to reach the highest national and international levels in competition and are suitable for professional or amateur riders. We also take pride in providing serious training from the earliest age for our dressage, show jumping, and eventing horses. We invite you to discover and try out our horses who will guarantee you security and ease on the saddle.

Each year, around 20 foals are born at the Haras du Feuillard, and a similar number of foals join our stables. As a result, we have a wide selection of horses for sale. The breeding, raising, and training of our horses entail a number of significant operating expenses, but we guarantee:
- A classic training "à la carte" based on respect for the physical and mental integrity of our horses,
- Prices corresponding to the potential of each horse,
- A description of our horses for sale in terms of their physical, mental, and athletic qualities,
- No online transaction, we invite you to come and appreciate our horses directly at the Haras du Feuillard! We do not practice E-commerce, we are breeders and want to share with you our passion for horses.

Come and meet Valérie and Benoit BURBAN, breeders who have been in business for over 30 years. By appointment, you will be able to meet their foals and horses which evolve in their natural environment. You will be able to confirm your crush during your visit on our website: you will be able to judge "on foot" the elegance and the locomotion that have seduced you so much. And finally, you will be able to check their behaviour in the box, in the wild, under the saddle,...