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Foaled in 1996 - KWPN - Dark Bay brown - 1.72 m

Olivi, kwpn (Jazz x Aktion)

Hengst olivi kwpn

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Furioso II
Alinda (Old)
Keur Pref Prest
Le Val Blanc xx
Ulster Nimmerdor (Pref)
Lucky (Ster Pref)
Keur Pref
Amor (Pref)

Sport- (Dres) ELITE

Abgar xx (Keur)
Irma La Douce (Keur Pref Prest)
Keur Pref Prest
Celmina (Kroon Pref)
Keur Sport
Transvaal Abgar xx (Keur)
Liliane (Keur Pref)
Duc de Normandie (Pref)
Hellen-Utopia (Ster Pref Prest)

His sire, Jazz, is a top breeding stallion. Jazz is one of the most significant and popular breeding stallions in the Netherlands today. He was approved for breeding in the KWPN, the Danish, and Oldenburg studbooks. He is currently ridden by Kirsten Beckers. His most significant victories were his two first prizes at the Rotterrdam CHIO (Official International Horse Show) in 2005. The same year, he was first with the national team at Aix-la-Chapelle. He also won first prize at Kootzijk with 72.78%. His sire index is 182. His progeny have repeatedly demonstrated the athletic qualities inherited from Jazz. Her great grandfather, Aktion (Keur), also competed at the level of Grand Prix.

Her grandmother, Halla-Utopia, comes from the Utopia bloodline, one of the most important lineages in the Netherlands. She competed at the International level of Intermédiaire I. She is the dam of 1 male and 2 female horses, including Lady Utopia, the 1996 champion at Veghel.

Halla-Utopia’s grandmother, Charima-Utopia, who competed at the Intermédiaire level is the dam of Wunderbar (by Nurprimus), a show jumper, who competed in the Netherlands on 1.40 m events.


– In 1999, Olivi was vice-champion for 3 year-old stallions in the KWPN stud-book at Hertogenbosh.
– He has a Dutch Sire Index for dressage of 168 (reliability of 68%)
– He was successfully ridden by Bart Bax at the level of International Petit Tour.
– In 2005, he brilliantly won two international events at the Ermello ZZ Grand Prix, and placed third in the Wintercup.
– In 2006, he received a grade of 68.02% and won at Uden in the .
– In 2009, he is competing in the French and international circuits ridden by Raphael Thomas with the goal

of winning the European Young Riders Championship.

News: In 2007 and 2008, Olivi was first in the Netherlands for sires of competing progeny aged 7 to 9 with an Index of 168 (85%)
In 2008, he ranked 4th in the Young Riders French Championship, St George level, with Raphael Thomas.

In 2009, he is competing on the national and international circuits, aiming for the Young Riders European Championships under that saddle of Raphael Thomas and with the assistance of his trainer, Christophe Saux, who we thank for all of their hard work.
Olivi has started the 2009 season well, winning the A7 events, and taking 2nd in the Prix St Georges at Etrier de Paris, first on the A7 and the Intermédiaire 1 at Royan, first on the A7 and the St Georges in the Second French Championship at Fontainbleau and first at the A7 at Mans in June 2009.

March 2009: Olivi was approved to reproduce by the Selle-Français studbook

IDR 143 en 2009 et BSO +31(0,61)

February 2010: Olivi was invited to Hertogenbosch by the KWPN to be presented to a Dutch public which was numerous and enthusiast.

In 2010: he participated in various shows in the Netherlands until September when he returns in France to be frozen in the Haras du Feuillard : 2nd of Saint Georges with Maxime Collard at Saint Lô.

February 2011 : Olivi was labeled "Keur" by the KWPN stud book.

2014 : Olivi is ranked 2nd best KWPN stallions behind his father, Jazz.

Olivi was labeled KEUR by the KWPN stud book

The predicate " KEUR " is allowed when the production of a sttallion shows itself excellent with regard to that of the other stallions in sports and morphological criteria. In practice, it means that a stallion has to have a sports index of more than 140 with a high percentage of reliability. The capacity of the stallion to pass on a good model also plays an important role for the obtaining of this predicate. A stallion filling all the sports conditions for the allocation of the predicate KEUR can be deprived of it if it does not pass on a beautiful model in its production. The selection committee of the stallions KWPN decided that OLIVI (Jazz x Aktion) deserves the predicate " KEUR " based on its high genetic value and the qualities which he passes on in his descent of more than 7 years which distinguishes itself at the highest international level.

hengst olivi OLIVI


Photographs show St Lo - France 2011

oliviétalon olivi

étalon oliviétalon olivi

étalon oliviétlon olivi

Photographs show St Lo - France 2014

Olivi, salon des étalons 2014 à st loOlivi, salon des étalon de st lo 2014

Olivi, salon des étalons de st lo 2014Olivi, salon des étalons 2014 st lo


Ucelli T National Champion of the Pavo Cup in 2006 at Ermello. His rider, Hans-Peter Minderhoud won the 2009 St. Georges Prix in Gelderland by Freebird-Ucelli by Olivi.
UB40, étalon exporté, est 3e du Championnat des étalons KWPN en 2004, et gagne en 2006 la DG Cup Bar avec un score de 81,5%.
TrivianT 2 est vainqueur du GP et 2e du GP spécial au CDIO de Saumur, 2e du GP de Stockholm, 4e des GP au CDI**** d’Aachen, au CDI**** de Lingen, au CDI**** de Dortmund, classé 44e mondial en 2009 au classement WBFSH.
Unanda Champion of 3 year-olds, CK Zermelo, Reserve Champion NMK, 2004
Ulissa 2nd in the Pavo-Cup for 5 year-olds, CK Gorredijk in 2006.
Nieuwmoed’s Travolta: Winner of the NRPS Pavo Cup in 2004 at Gorredijk
Universeel: KWPN approved stallions with excellent scores on their performance tests.
Virginia: IBAP 2006. 82.5 points
Viluvienne: 4th of 3 year-olds in the main competition at Venghel.
Udora: performance test scores: Walk 8, Trot 9, Gallop 8.5, Dressage 8.5
Ulrike: Performance test scores: Walk 8, Trot 8.5, Gallop 8.5, Dressage 8

In 2006, Olivi’s first offspring started competing on the national level, at the age of 6, and several have reached the Grand Prix level: UCELLI T, TRIVIANT 2, TAMORA, TRAVOLTA’S NIEUWMOER, UNETTE, USER.

In auction, Olivi’s offspring are in high demand. Three of his offspring sold for a total of 690,000€:
UB 40: KWPN selective auction in 2004: 145,000€
TRIVIANT 2: Prestigious PSI auction in 2005: 420,000€ (purchased by Anne Katrien Linsenhoff, International Dressage Rider) – Ranked among the 600 best Grand Prix horses at the world level by the WBFSH in 2008.
UNANDA: Performance Plus auction in 2006: 125,000€

Olivi was ranked in the KWPN Bewaarboek in 2008-2009: 1st for sires of competitive progeny aged 7 to 9 with a Dutch index of 168 (85%).

KWPN bewaarboek - statistiques 2008/2009


Son's photos gallery

Ucelli T ucelli T par olivi monté par hans peter minderhoud
UCELLI T by OLIVI, Champion PAVO CUP 2006
Unanda UB 40
Unanda by Olivi
UB 40 by Olivi
Temptation by Olivi


Olivi’s fan-club in the Netherlands:
6 pages in the IDS review, “In de strengen” to appear in June 2009.



A modern horse, very stylish with excellent gaits (Walk/Trot/Gallop), each scored 8. He transmits a broad walk, a well-sustained trop with elevation, and a very powerful, remarkably balanced gallop. Before coming to Feuillard Stud, Olivi was respected and congratulated by the Oldenburg breeders who were sad to see him go.
Please see our website, to see his videos and discover for yourself the quality of his offspring (Dressage studs / Olivi)
Olivi’s frozen semen is extremely fertile.
He is approved in the Dutch KWPN studbook, and the German Oldenburg studbook.
Testimony from his handler: “Olivi represents an exceptional opportunity for French breeding. His offspring are remarkable for their physical, mental, and athletic aptitudes.

Coverings conditions


Frozen ( 3 doses x 4 straws) :

€ 960 for the reservation

(*)Condition Live Foal : Further to this payment, if foal is not viable within 48 hours, the purchaser will receive a discount for the reservation before 01/02/2017.

(* )Guaranteed Alive Foal : if the mare remains empty either fail or if the foal dies within 48 hours after the birth: veterinary certificate and notification of birth must be sent back to us by registered mail, further to what the total amount of the projection taken will be paid off to you in the form of credit note valid for one of your mares on a stallion of our catalog belonging to the same owner. [Reservation / pay]

EXPORT please contact the stud-farm if you want to buy doses or our agents if you want to buy stud-fees. 

€ 250 for frozen semen  for Nederland, Belgique

€ 290 for frozen semen  for Germany

The frozen doses of Olivi are exportable in Europe.

Transport of the semen : Ask for an estimate

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- SF
- Oldenburg

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- Z

Registre :
- O.C.

Labeled France Dressage as Recommended stallion.
Bone/Joint condition: Excellent (Dr V. Denoix)

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