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Foaled in 1991 - KWPN - Chestnut - 1.70 m

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Charmante Ulster Nimmerdor
Warmante Amor


Jazz is one of the most popular and best represented stallions in high-level competition in the Netherlands, today. He is an excellent international performer who has had a number of excellent performances under the saddle of Kirsten Beckers. With the German national team, he won the CHIO at Aix-la-Chapelle in 2005. He was also the winner at Kootwijk with a score of 72.78%

Jazz has the maximum index of 182, and he is the sire of numerous KWPN stallions, including OLIVI (Jazz x Aktion).

THE BEST OF THE WORLD, 1er au classement du WBFSH des Etalons.


Jazz passes his fine qualities onto his offspring, and he has yielded a number of top horses.

–Olivi: Second place for KWPN stallions at Hertogenbosh in 1999. First place for sires of progeny between 7 and 9 years old with an index of 157, 2007.
–Johnson: Champion of stallion at stud selections, Den Bosh, 2005.
–Phoenix: Champion of the KHNS ZZ, Roosendaal, 2005.
–Parzival: Second place ZZ, Roosendaal, 2005.
–Reduson du Patser: Champion KNHS in the Petit Tour, Roosendall
–Vioolinde-S: Champion of 3 year-olds, Houten, 2005.
–Uivertje Ruta: Winner of the Pavo Cup for 4 year-olds, Houten, 2005.
–Tarina: Winner of the Pavo Cup for 5 year-olds, Ermelo, 2005.
–Torrero: Winner of the Pavo Cup for 5 year-olds, Ermelo, 2005.
–Uleida: Champion KWPN, Exloo in 2005
–Vérone: Premium price of 205,000€ at the Elite auctions, 2005.
–Johson and Vic: approved for reproduction in the KWPN with excellent scores
–Valley: Winner of the VSN / FSP trophy, Ermello, 2005
–Nartant: Winner of the ZZGP cup, Intermédiaire level.

In the 2005/2006 pre-selection at Ermelo, 10 of his sons were selected.

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