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Foaled in 1993 - Trakehner - Black - 1.72 m

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Kostolany Enrico Caruso Mahagoni
Kapstadt Falke
Gondola II
Ibikus Hertilas
Gloria VI Flugsang

Gribaldi’s sire is the Trakenher, Kostolany, a Grand Prix stallion. Kostolany won the Siegerhengst in 1995, a unique event. Like Gribaldi, Kostalny has several approved sons at stud including Bertone, Showmaster, Silvermoon, Tolstoï, Sans Souci, and Polansky. Gribaldi’s dam became an Elite mare in 1995.


Gribaldi was given the title Best Dressage Stallion in 2006 and 2007.


Several of his oldest progeny, now 12 years old, compete at the Grand Prix level. His offspring are highly esteemed in the Netherlands for their aptitude for the piaffer et the passage. Painted Black, a stallion by the Gribaldi, was ranked 8th in the World Ranking List Dressage Horses. Gribaldi’s success in breeding has been prolific. Many of his mares were highly ranked in competition for conformation and gaits. That was also the case for his fillies who participated in the IPOB test (events for mares under the saddle) at Durne and Drachten. Many of his mares passed their performance tests with excellent scores.
A good number of his offspring participated in the Pavo Cup for young dressage horses (4 and 5 year-olds), and were selected for the semifinals as well as the finals.

Some of his notable offspring in France include Rosenprinz, Caramel de Lauture, Ko re Grandbois, Satchmo,
I.P.S. Painted Black : rider Anky Van Grunsven
Pasternak (unfortunately deceased): rider, Coby Van Baalen
Picasso SV: amazon rider, Karin Snoek

Several of his sons are approved in various studbooks:
Rosenprinz D: Gribaldi x Rosenkavalier. Approved for reproduction in the SBS, SF, and DSA
I.P.S. Painted Black: Gribaldi x Ferro. Approved for reproduction in the KWPN, Hannover,
Game Boy: Gribaldi x Pion. Approved for reproduction in the NRPS
Painted Black II: Gribaldi x Ferro. Approved for reproduction in the NRPS, Oldenburg, NRW
Hotline: Gribaldi x De Niro. Approved for reproduction in the Hannover, Oldenburg, NRW.
Hofrat: Gribaldi x Guter Planet. Approved for reproduction in the Trakehner
Distelzar: Gribaldi x Arogno, Approved for reproduction in the Trakehner.
Hoftänzer: Gribaldi x Guter Planet. Approved for reproduction in the Trakehner.
Galando: Gribaldi x Ulft. Approved for reproduction in the Westfalen.
Zardin-Firfod: Gribaldi x Schwadroneur. Approved for reproduction in the Danemark.

Some of his most well-known progeny:
Hofrat: Gribaldi x Guter Planet. Second place, Trakehner stallion assessment.
Hoftänzer: Gribaldi x Gutar Planet. Second place, Trakehner stallions assessment.
Sisther de Jeu: Gribaldi x Amor. Champion of Keur/Elite Mares, 2003, Netherlands
Totilas: Gribaldi x Glendale. Future Grand Prix horse.


Gribaldi is a beautiful stallion who is already used widely in the Netherlands and his offspring have confirmed his excellent reputation.

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