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Foaled in 2005 - Holsteiner - Black - 1.68 m

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Dimant de Sémilly
BSO +32 (CD 0.95) - ISO 184
Le Tôt de Sémilly
BSO +19 (CD 0.99) - ISO 177
Grand Veneur
Venue du Tôt
Venise D Elf III
Miss D
Roxette I Corrado I Cor de la Bruyère
Kimberly III Contender

Diarado’s pedigree combines the best Holsteiner origins with the excellent breeding stallion, Le Tôt de Sémilly. His sire, Diamant de Sémilly, won the Gold Metal for his team in the World Championships in Jerez and the Silver Metal for his team a year later at the European Championships. He was named best sire of young horses several times. His grandfather, le Tôt de Sémilly, an international champion, is considered to be one of the best sires of show jumpers in France.

Diarado’s maternal bloodline includes numerous brilliant holteiners. His dam is the daughter of the superb stallion, Corrado, and of a mare by Contender x Lord Ramiro. Among the progeny of his stunning Holsteiner 318 maternal bloodline, we find numerous high-level show jumpers such as Cabrio with Toni Hassmann, Marales with Dr Michael Ruping and numerous approved stallions such as Corofino I and II, Coriano, Crawford, Chello I and II, not forgetting the champion of the performance tests, Camiros.


Diarado was the champion of Holsteiner stallions with the best performance scores, and the champion of his 70-day test, with a total of 150 points.

In 2007, the specialists on the Holstein approval committee agreed that it is rare to come across such a fine stallion. Diarado has impressive jumping technique, moves vigorously, and has excellent conformation. At the end of his 70-day test, his average was, by far, the highest, confirming his manifest talent: with an incredible total of 150.57 points, he finished far ahead of his competition. He received a grade of 9.5 for mounted presentation and 9.73 for the mounted jump after having competed a course.


Diarado has the potential to produce modern sport horses.

Covering conditions

Rates 2015 :

Frozen Semen - 6 straws : 2 288 € (Insemination exclusively at Feuillard Stud)

Frozen Semen - 3 straws : 1 798.50 € (Insemination exclusively at Feuillard Stud)

Possibility of 2 cards projections on the 2015 season

Approved to produce

- SF

- Holsteiner
- Oldenburg
- Hanovrien
- Z
- O.C.

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