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1995 - Westphalien - Grey - 1.72 m
Cockpit et maxime collard sur CDI 3 étoiles de saumur en 2010

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Caletto I
Cor de la Bruyère
Pit I

In addition being a talented dressage horse, Cockpit jumps as well as the best show jumpers, which is verified by his fine pedigree. His sire is the monumental Cantus, out of the celebrated Holsteiner 162 bloodline, which produced numerous champions, including Carthago, Coster, Feinschnitt, Sapphire, Sandro Kan, Santiago Z, Calvaro ridden by Will Mellinger and the stallion, Come On. The sire of his dam is the fabulous Pilot, and in his third generation, we find Frühlingsball. Cockpit is descended from the mare, Schild-amsel’s sweeping dynasty that goes back to the 1800s.

- CANTUS, Holstein stallion, noticed by his power was put directly in the production. He is the sire of numerous international winners and stallions among whom Calido I (father of stallions and champions like Coupe de Coeur with L. Beerbaum), Come On, winner in CSIO, Canaletto, Calvaro, the very big winner in CSIO with W. Mellinger, Cantate Z. In 2010, he has 80 international winner products al least. Cantus is a son of the champion Caletto I, bronze medal by team in the European Championship of Hickstead in 1983. He produced several stallions approved as Cantus, Calvaro Z, Cambridge, Calmero and numerous champions among whom Cassandro, Finkiss, Roofs, Costa, Storm...

- PICADILLY has only a registered product : COCKPIT. She is one of the daughter of the Westphalien stallion Pit I, sire of stallions Kojak, Pablo, Pay Pelegrino, Perfect Dream, Perrier, Pitoresk, Precioso... and international winners in CSO Pinot Grigio, Peggy Sue. He is himself the father of the famous Pilot, to whom we owe numerous winners to the highest level as Pialotta, the big winner in CSIO, Pro Pilot, Showtime, CSIO with N. Skelton, Jourdette, winner of the GP CSIO of Dinard with E. Balton, Pilot High Flight, CSIO with V. Sozzi, Priamos, winner by team of two wordk championship and three European championship with L. Beerbaum... and some big breeders like Pablo, Pavarotti Van de Helle, Irako, Pinocchio, Powerlight,...

- FABIOLA is a daughter of the Westphalien stallion Frühlingsball, sire of stallions themselves sire of good winners as well in CSO as in dressage like Fagott, Fairplay, Falkenberg, Fernblick, Festivo, Fiorello,... He also produced international winners of CSO Fleur 81, Florida, Franziska,...

- FRISKA is the daughter of the Hanoverian stallion Pokal, himself son of the purebred Poet, famous at the German, Scandinav and Dutch breeders thanks to descendants Marco Polo, Irco Polo and Legaat.

- FRANKENHERRIN (FRANK HANN) has 4 product : Diva, dam of the hanoverians stallions Verano and Viscontio. Priska, grandmother of the stallion Don Carlos di Villa Emilia and Don Giovanni di Villa Emilia, good winner in CSO at the national level. Walide, grandmother of Faberge, big international winner in dressage, 19th in the classification WBFSH in 2008.

- It is concerning by the hanoverian family 800, which produced numerous good winners in dressage but also international performancers in CSO like Acenti, Armano I, Cerruti du Gibet, Rue Blanche du Gibet (272nd world rank in 2008), Korason, Deister under Paul Schockemöhle's saddle.


This stallion has everything one could ask for in an elite-labeled stallion. He enters the track with broad gaits, and displays his powerful body and eloquent head. His athletic abilities are particularly eloquent. Since his stallion selection events in Médingen, his name has been all the buzz in German breeding. He received the maximum score in the “rittigheid,” the test for ease under the saddle, and he has had numerous victories in open events in Germany. He successfully continued a competitive career marked by numerous victories at the Intermédiaire level, while pursuing a breeding career in tandem.

In 2003, out of 7 events at the M-A and Intermédiaire I level, he had 6 victories and 1 third-place, with his rider, Olivier Luze.

In 2010, with Maxime COLLARD, he is in particular champion of :

- the A7 test with the level of St Geoges in the Haras du Pin,

- champion of the A6 test in the Haras du Pin,

- 8th of the Kûr Inter I at the CDI 3*** of Saumur,

- 4th of the Pro 2 Grand prix in Bréviaires,

- Champion of the Preliminary Pro 2 in Le Mans,

- Winner of the Kür with 71 % to the Garde Republicaine - Paris,

- 5th of the Inter I to the Garde Republiciane,

- 3rd  of the European championship Pro 2 at Saumur,

- 6th of the Inter I at Saumur,

- 3rd of the Kür Inter I with 74 %, winner of the Kür Inter I with 70.33 % at St Lo and,

- 2nd of the Grand-Prix Pro 2 at St Lo.

Photograph Haras National du Pin - April 2010

Cockpit et Maxime COLLARD

Photograph CDI*** Inter at Saumur - April 2010

Cockpit et maxime collard sur CDI 3 étoiles de saumur en 2010 étalon cockpit

étalon cockpitCockpit et Maxime Collard à la remise des prix du CDI 3 étoiles de Saumur

After the effort, a moment of relaxation!

Cockpit au paddock Portrait de cockpit au paddock

Cockpit dans son paddock Cockpit en liberté

Cockpit in the training session

Cockpit en séance de travail au CDI*** de Saumur en 2010 Cockpit sur le piaffer

Cocjpit sur la pirouette Cockpit au travail

Cockpit at the Garde Républicaine - June 2010

Cockpit au concours de la garde républicaine en 2010 Portrait de Cockpit

Cockpit avant de rentrer en piste Cockpit lors de la remise des prix - 1er de la RLM inter I en 2010

Cockpit dans l'appuyer Cockpit en piste au concours de la garde républicaine en 2010

Cockpit at the French Championship Pro 2 - 2010

Cockpit lors du championnat de france pro 2 - édition 2010 Cockpit lors de la remise des prix du championnat pro 2 - édition 2010

portrait de cockpit

Horse show at Paris - 2010

Cockpit au salon du cheval de paris - 2010 Cockpit

Cockpit Cockpit

Show  St Lo - France 2011




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produit produit produit produit
Cockpit x Rabanus
Cockpit x Gaspari
Cockpit x Symbol
Cockpit x Luxus
Cockpit x Foxhunter

produit 01As a breeding stallion, Cockpit, has garnered much attention. Many of his offspring have won awards and sell for premium prices in auction.
In 2003, one of his offspring was the vice-champion at the Foal Championships at Hessen. A mare of his progeny was awarded a state premium in the Oldenburg, and one of his sons is an approved stallion: Concorde, out of Rocket x World Cup.
Cockpit’s progeny have distinguished themselves on the highest national and international levels, including Coquette with 15 victories and the mare, Calista, a winner in M level events.

2014 : Kimono was the champion at the CCI 3 étoiles sous la selle de Nicola Datti.

Cockpit’s progeny have distinguished themselves on the highest national and international levels : Concours, Clear Roud, Caprice, Crank High Voltge, Champions on the 1m40

produit 02 produit 03 produit 04 produit 14

auckland du feuillard

Auckland du feuillard (Cockpit x Voltaire)


presse01 presse02 presse 03 presse 04 presse 05 presse 06


Cockpit produces beautiful horses with excellent conformation, remarkable gaits, strength, and flexibility. His offspring are well-tempered, have excellent jumping technique, and show great promise for the future. For dressage, he has excellent balance, flexibility, and force. Cockpit is internationally acclaimed and now we have the pleasure of having him at stud in France.

Cockpit has produced beautiful dressage and show jumping horses.

Covering conditions


Fresh (haras du feuillard) and Frozen (3 doses de 8 straws) semen :

€ 1 160 € for the reservation 

The frozen doses of Cockpit are exportable in numerous countries : Europe, the USA...

€ 250 for Frozen Semen (Pays-Bas, Belgique)

€ 290 for Frozen Semen (Allemagne)

Transport of the semen : Ask for an estimate.

Guaranteed Live Foal : if the mare remains empty either fail or if the foal dies within 48 hours after the birth: veterinary certificate and notification of birth must be sent back to us by letter with acknowledgement of receipt, further to which the total amount of the projection taken(will be paid off to you in the form of valid credit note for one of your mares on a stallion of our catalog of 2015 belonging to the same owner. [Reservation / pay].

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- SF

- Hanovrien (SB conventionned by Haras Nationaux )
- Oldenburg
- Rheinland
- Westfalen
- Denemarken
- Z
- O.C.

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