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Foaled in 2003 - Deutsches Reitpony - Black - 1.48 m
Hilkens Black Delight

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Branduardi M (Dressage)
Deutsches Reitpony
Black Boy (Dressage) Black Grannus (Oldenburg) Grannus Graphit
Maren Ehrenfels
Jadine (Welsh B) Heros Cusop Hoity Toity
Jutta Gaytime
Gloria (Dressage) Valentino (Dressage) BWLCH Valentino Valentine
BWLCH Goldflake
Bubbles Count Dorsaz
Catriona II
Gina (Dressage) Caid Aviso
Gretel Naseweis
Syrah 4 (Dressage)
Deutsches Reitpony, Noir
Morbidelli (Dressage) Mozart (Dressage) Marquis Matcho
Fuerstin V
Dorina Faruk
Susann (Dressage) High Time Bleep-Bleep
Daylight Saving
Criban Lucy Criban Recorder
Criban Louisa
Sira (Dressage) Black Boy (Dressage) Black Grannus Grannus
Jadine Heros
Sharon (Dressage) Brillant Piran John Halifax
St Lawrence Lilactyme
Samba Lenkoran

puceHis Sire: Branduardi M (Black Boy x Valentino) won his stallion approvals and the performance test with a general average of 8.85. He later became the vice-champion of the Bunderchampionnat. Between the ages of 4 and 6, Branduardi obtained the best results in competition for ponies in Germany, and notably in dressage up to the level of FEI and in show jumping up to the L level (1.30 ponies and horses).
puceHis Dam: Syrah (Morbidelli x Black Boy) was named champion of mares for the year (Weser-Ems). She won the elite mare show in 2001 at Vechta, as did her half-sisters, Hilkens Shakyrah, in 2005 and Sophie in 2002. She was very successful up through the level of FEI-dressage, and in show jumping up to the L level (1.30m). Syrah won the 2004 eventing championships in Weser-Ems. She also qualified for the Bundeschampionnat in eventing, pony and horses events.
Syrah, like her dam and all the mares in her bloodline, received the state prime. Syrah was ranked 2nd during her brilliant showing at her performance test. She was only beaten by her younger sister, Sophie. She was then ranked 4th in the 2005 national championship for mare ponies.
puceSyrah’s bloodline includes Matcho, the highly esteemed anglo-arabe stallion in German pony breeding. Often used by Hanoverian breeders, he sired a number of dam’s of stallions. He is widely recognized as an excellent producer of mares.
puceSyrah’s dam, Dira, is also the dam of Hlikens Shakyrah and of Sophie who won the elite mare show in Vechta and the 2002 mare performance test. Sira has produced numerous broadly successful sport ponies. Sira is the full sister of Schamila, 4th in the elite mare show in Vechta and winner of the performance event. Still young, elle produced a finalist in the Bunderchampionat in 5 year-old pony show jumpers, as well was numerous prime foals. Sira and Schamila are full sisters of the approved stallion: Beckenbauer, who scored an 8.04 on his performance test.

Syrah Syrah_cross Branduardi
Syrah Cross


Hilkens Black Delight won the 2005 approval test in Weser-Ems. He was the first pony to be invited to the stallion show in Oldenburg where he was greeted with a standing ovation. He has been described as “on the verge of perfection.”

The Oldenburg magazine had nothing but praise for Hilken’s Black Delight: “A beautiful black stallion enchanted the public with his fine form and his spectacular, powerful movement. In jumping, he demonstrated the qualities of a high-level pony. His maternal and paternal bloodline have produced some of the most celebrated ponies today.

In 2007, he won his performance test in Germany with exceptional scores:
Conformation 9.00
Walk 7.25
Trot 9.25
Gallop 8.88
Jumping test 8.46
Ridden test – ease under the saddle 9.03
Cross country test 8.50
General Average 8.71

Bone-Joint Status : Excellent


Hilkens black delightHilkens black delight

Hilkens black delightHilkens black delight

Hilkens Black delight



Two of his offspring from his first year at stud are approved stallions in Germany, including Big Light, the champion of the Körung Weser-Ems licensing in Vechta in November 2009.

poulains pilgrim filly filly





poulain hilkens black delight filly par hilkens black delight Fils étalon par hilkens black delight

las vegas du feuillard par hilkens black delight Calgary du feuillard, femelle par hilkens black delight, née en 2012

Dallas du feuillard, femelle par hildens black delight, née en 2013



“A fine opportunity for French pony breeding! Hilkens Black Delight is uniquely versatile with aptitudes for dressage, jumping, eventing, and even driving. He passes on to his offspring his energy, exceptionally strong movement, excellent flexibility, quality jumping, a balanced gallop, and a mostly brown bay coat. Hilkens Black Delight and his offspring are easy under the saddle, which is especially appreciated for sport ponies meant for young riders. His offspring are promising: two of his sons from his first production are already approved stallions in Germany with the best scores in the Körung”

Covering conditions

RATES 2015 :

Frozen semen: 3 doses of 4 straws

€ 580 for the reservation.

Transport of the semen:

160 for frozen semen for a transport to France.

Transport of the semen for Europe : Ask for an estimate :

Stud-book approvals

This pony is approved for reproduction in the following breeds:
- Oldenburg
- Hanovrien
- Westphalien
- PO
- OC

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